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Jun 21, 2020
Summer Schedule

May 23, 2020
Summer Semester


As we  continue to follow safe practices and guidance from top health experts, we will be continuing Music Together® Online classes this summer.  Therefore, Summer 2020 Semester will be a 7 week session, beginning June 29th, with classes happening Monday through Thursday.  Each class section will meet using the Zoom password protected meeting room platform twice weekly for twenty minutes, as we are following the guideliness set forth by early childhood music experts with regard to screen time.  Families are encouraged to set up their laptops or tablets in such a way as to allow the adults to see the screens, and follow along in our activities to lead their children in the music activities. We would like to remind families that while our online program takes place in front of a screen, their child's most important teacher is still their own parent or primary caregiver, thus we strongly urge you to stay in front of the screen yourself, and allow us to lead you - THE GROWNUP - just as we do in our live in-person classes. Ready to register? Click here!

Classes will be recorded on Zoom, then posted to our password protected Family Portal for later viewing, so that families who miss a class at their scheduled time for whatever reason can watch the class later that day after it's been added to the portal.  Tuition is charged per family at the rate of $160 for returning families. A $5 discount will apply on your total if you would like to pick up your materials in person on our scheduled pick up dates. There is a one time $15 registration fee for new families. New families are encouraged to purchase a set of Home Play instruments even if they have some instruments at home, to ensure that grownups will have instruments in hand during class time. Families looking for more than two days per week are welcome to register for two classes.  The second class will be discounted to $120.  Pickup locations/dates are listed below.

Drive Up Pick Up Dates/Locations

Metuchen Location: Thursday, June 25 from 10AM - 11 AM

Sportsplex At Metuchen (Parking Lot)
215 Durham Avenue
Metuchen, NJ 08840

Matawan Location: Friday, June 26 from 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Matawan United Methodist Church (Parking Lot)
478 Atlantic Avenue
Aberdeen, NJ 07747
PLEASE NOTE: Should you miss the scheduled pickup date/time we will need to assess a $5 fee to cover postage/delivery costs.
Mar 12, 2020
Remaining Classes Cancelled

Due to global health concerns, as of Friday, March 13th the remaining Winter 2020 classes have been cancelled. Please read our Health Policy Update March 2020 which should answer many anticipated questions you may have regarding this cancellation and our Health and Wellness Protocols which were emailed on Thursday, March 12 to all Winter 2020 families.

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Gift Certificates Available

Purchase a gift certificate in any amount!  Our music classes bring so much joy and will enrich your family's life, long after the holidays! Gift Certificates are a great choice for holidays or special occasions.


Sample a Class

Families are welcome to sample a class to see what Music Together is like, and get a sense about the location and teacher! You can find a class and sign up here. If you like it, you're welcome to sign up to join us for the semester.  You can also join our mailing list for more information about semester registrations!  New families who attend a sample class can save $10 on the semester tuition, and pick up a FREE digital download card.  Refer a new family and you can each receive $10 off Fall, Winter or Spring semester when you both enroll for that semester, or $5 off Summer tuition.