Tailor Made Instruction

What Do You Want To Learn?

hands on piano keys

Whether you're interested in piano or trumpet lessons for a budding musician in your household, voice lessons for you or your child, or if you've dabbled in songwriting or lyric writing for years, but have never quite been able to get your songs together, Lisa Hearns and Tiny Voices Little Songs can help you. Request music lessons.


Music Theory / Songwriting / Lyric Writing

Music theory is the study of the building blocks of music including rhythm, harmony, melody, structure, and notation. Songwriting teaches you how to combine these building blocks into a complete song. Lyric writing helps you tell a story with your songs.


Instrument Instruction

Tiny Voices Little Songs provides private instruction on piano, trumpet, or guitar. Lessons focus on several areas of study including: learning to read music, technique, playing songs, technical exercises, and scales at a pace that's right for each student. For trumpet lessons, special attention is also given to developing the student's tone, embouchure, and ear.


Voice Instruction

Voice lessons focus on several areas of study and include technique (Bel Canto method), learning to read music and understanding the fundamentals of tonality, meter, tempo, and dynamics, and building repertoire.  


Custom Program

Custom programs can be created for students wishing to combine studies in more than one area of focus. For example, a combined study program of voice and songwriting can be designed, as long as the student understands the minimum time demands for each focus area.


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