Music Together® Center Policies

Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. Your space is not confirmed until payment has been received. Tuition and registration fees are due at the time of registration, or by the registration deadlines set forth by Tiny Voices Little Songs. Credit card payments are accepted online, and in person at each Tiny Voices location. Checks are accepted in person or by mail, however your seat will not be reserved until your check has been received. Tuition is non-refundable after the first class, and no refunds or credit will be given for missed classes. It is up to each family to schedule their makeup classes online early in the semester. Two make up / bonus classes are not charged for, and are built into the schedule every semester for this purpose, with the exception of Jingle Jam classes which are short, interim sessions happening between Fall and Winter semesters. Makeups can be scheduled through Tiny Voices administration in Jingle Jam classes, if space is available.


See full Tuition Policies by clicking here.


 Classroom Guidelines


The following are guidelines for our classes and are intended to make the family music class experience smoother, and more enjoyable for all. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the office at or call 917-756-3273.


All shoes should be removed before entering the classroom, and socks should be worn by parents and children. You can still attend class if you forget. Just try to remember to bring them going forward.


Please do not bring any food or toys into the classroom. If your child is hungry or thirsty, please bring him to a different room and feed him and then return to the classroom. If your child is breastfeeding, or your infant is bottle-feeding, you may feed your baby in the class.


Please leave personal items in the coatroom or outside of the classroom (when possible). Please do not take photos during classes. Please do not use your phone during classes unless it is an emergency.


Please do not dispose of diapers in the coat room areas or classrooms. There are trash receptacles in the restrooms for your use.


Please do not let your child hit, push, harm other children or himself in the class. If your child is cranky, crying or screaming during class, please take them out of the classroom for a break or a drink of water and return when your child is feeling better.


There is no wild running in music class. If your child is over the age of two and a half and begins running in class, teachers and parents need to remind the child of this rule. If they continue to run they will be given a total of three reminders of the "no running" rule. Teachers will then ask parents to remove the running child from class to remind them of the rule, but to come back inside after they settle their child down. If necessary, the teacher will engage in a "Tri-alogue" before or after classes to help the child remember. "Tri-alogues" are a great method to help curtail unwanted behaviors and can be done multiple times if necessary.


Grownup participation is required. All classes are for the parents and adult caregivers and the children to sing, dance, and have fun with each other. If your child seems uninterested by walking around, exploring or just sitting quietly, please participate anyway. Your child is not expected to focus and participate at such an early age, as they are learning and taking in all of the information. Please note that 95% of the children who attend, do not participate in class, but sing, dance and know all of the words when they get home. It usually takes 5-6 weeks for children who haven’t been in the class before to get used to the routine.


Please let your child hold onto their instrument if they are not ready to give it back. It is age appropriate for very young children to get upset when objects that they are holding are removed from their hands. If your child gets upset, just wait until they are ready to let go of the item. If your child wants to hold onto it for a few songs, that’s okay.


Parents please do not talk during class. Please feel free to talk before or after class in the coat room or outside of the classroom (especially if there's another class coming in). It's essential that your child hear your singing voice during class, not your speaking voice. Music Together is for your child to develop their natural musical abilities, and if you are talking you may miss your child singing, playing or rocking to the music. Since they are wired to attend to your voice they will definitely miss the music if you're talking instead of singing.


Two make up classes are provided per family per Fall, Winter & Spring semester. Please schedule a makeup online if you'd like to attend a class on a DIFFERENT class day during the semester. All families are welcome to come to the makeup classes at the end of the semester on their regular class day, regardless of whether or not they have missed classes to make up. You do not need to sign up to attend a make up class on your own class day. If you're unable to attend a previously scheduled makeup, please cancel it so that others may schedule in your place. If at all possible, please let us know if you plan to miss your regularly scheduled class.


Other school age siblings are welcome to come when they are off from school, space provided. Please check with us if you would like to bring your child's older brother or sister to class with you to be sure we have space in our class.


Thank you for reading and following these guidelines.


Have a great semester!


Lisa Hearns

Center Director,

Tiny Voices Little Songs