Lisa does in-home piano lessons and singing with my two daughters for the past year plus. They love it, and they love her! She obviously really likes working with kids and sharing her amazing talent.

~ Melissa D. 

Lisa came to my house once a week for three years to teach my daughter piano. Lisa is a talented musician who taught piano at a level appropriate for my daughter. She always encouraged my daughter to do her written homework as much as practice playing the piano to improve her skills. Lisa's passion for music is evident in her teaching style. She was motivating and patient with my daughter. Her enthusiasm for music is inspiring.

~ Kim M.

​My son has Aspergers Syndrome and is gifted with a good ear for music. Lisa has played to his strength while encouraging him to learn the notes and theory as well. She has always been patient with him!

~ Kathleen B.

My daughter took piano lessons from Miss Lisa for 2 years. Miss Lisa gave her a great music foundation, as is evidenced in her continued desire to be enrolled in music programs. Miss Lisa always made the lessons fun for my daughter, allowing her to move at her own pace but always encouraging her to do her best. My daughter definitely came a long way in a short time and was enriched by the experience.

~ Sheila M.

​Terrific piano teacher for both of my 5 year olds and my husband! Patient, attentive, encouraging, structured, and fun! All three of them look forward to our weekly lessons!

~ Katherine F. 

​I have taken voice lessons with Lisa for over two years. I have found that with Lisa's help I have accomplished all the vocal goals that I have.  My desire was to strengthen without straining my voice. To learn warm ups, dynamics, and especially to be confident when I sing in public. I have very much enjoyed having Lisa as a teacher. Lisa went beyond the voice training and started teaching me to read music, which also has helped me tremendously.

~ Carole A. 

​I am so happy to be learning about music with Lisa. All my life I have loved music but felt as if I were always standing outside a room listening to the beautiful music within. Lisa opened the door for me and invited me to come in.  She introduced me around and I am beginning to feel very welcome.  A good teacher can open many doors for her student. I feel very fortunate that Lisa has opened the door of the world of music for me.

~ Kathleen B.

​Lisa provided my daughter with a wonderfully positive first experience with music and an instrument. She was extremely professional and organized, timely and very patient.  She was able to come up with creative ideas to assist a young learner with her particular individual needs and learning style.  The most important criteria were that my daughter looked forward to her lessons with Lisa and eagerly attacked the weekly assignments from her. She learned according to her own pace and Lisa was able to accept that.

~ Allegra K.


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