Registration Help

Need help registering? Here's a step by step!

  1. Create an account (and make a note of your password for later).
  2. Click on the "Register" page (if you’re not already at "Registration For Events & Classes”).
  3. Select which child you’re registering in the “Registrants” section from the pull down menu under "Registrants".
  4. The tab for the semester you're interested in should be highlighted in white when it is selected (for example, "Winter 2017"). If not, click on the appropriate semester tab to highlight it, then click on “Location” and make your Location selection from the pull down menu.
  5. Click on “Class Type” and make your selection.
  6. Once you have the location listing the classes you’re interested in, click on the dot next to your first choice class to select it.
  7. Repeat for your second choice class, in case the class you've selected is too full or has low enrollment.
  8. From “Please confirm your registration details” make your tuition selection under "Item". Please note that if you’ve taken classes at Tiny Voices Music Together® before, you should select Tuition (Returning Families). If you’ve never taken classes specifically at Tiny Voices Music Together please select Tuition (New Families).
  9. Click on “Update Pricing” if the price does not show up automatically.
  10. If you have a coupon code code please enter it now.
  11. Click on “Add Coupon” and pricing should update.
  12. Click the "Continue with Checkout" button at the bottom left of the page.
  13. Please consider donating to our Scholarship Fund or click "Continue with Checkout" at the bottom left of the page.
  14. Let us know how you heard about Tiny Voices Music Together.
  15. Click the "Pay Now" button to make your payment and reserve your space in class.
  16. If you choose "Pay Later," your space in your first choice class is not guaranteed until payment is received.