Tiny Voices Scholarship Fund

Tiny Voices Bridge Grants

So Every Child Can Experience The Power of Music Together®

Our goal is to reach as many children and families possible through Music Together at Tiny Voices Little Songs, but some working families struggle to make ends meet.

We are proud to provide several “Bridge Grants” each semester to families who qualify for tuition assistance. Funding for these grants is made possible through the generosity of friends, families, teachers and other caring members of the community who believe in the power of music.

If your family would like to apply for a Bridge Grant, please click here.

If you would like to make a donation to support our Bridge Grants fund to ensure every child has the opportunity to learn, grow and sing with us, please click here.

Your support of Tiny Voices makes a BIG IMPACT on deserving children!

Please note that a limited number of Bridge Grants are available each semester. We provide assistance to families who demonstrate the most need. When you donate to the Tiny Voices Bridge Grant fund, 95 cents of every dollar goes directly to tuition assistance. Only 5% is used for administration costs to manage the fund.

Donation amounts ranging from $15-$100 are listed online.